Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service near Brentwood

Laundry is a chore few people are willing to do. When you consider sorting, folding and putting away your clothes, it’s no surprise why people are less than eager to do their laundry. Laundromats complicate the chore as you run the risk of losing items. At home laundry is not hassle-free either; washing machines and dryers are the main cause of damaged clothing. The best way to eliminate the dreadful chore is dry cleaning, but that can often be costly and ill-timed. While that may be the case for other Los Angeles based dry cleaning companies, Mr. Dry Cleaner Brentwood is an exception.

Your clothes are an essential element of your image, so taking care of your clothes is vital. How you clean your clothes is an important part of taking care of your clothes. Since 1906, the Green Family of Mr. Dry Cleaner has specialized in helping you look good. For over a century, Mr. Dry Cleaner has provided Los Angeles residents with high-quality cleaning services and exemplary customer service at competitive rates. More importantly, Mr. Dry Cleaner strives to cater to busy Angelenos of all walks of life—from busy stay-at-home-parents to business owners and uniformed professionals.

If you’re hesitant to entrust your clothes with the dry cleaner because of LA’s notorious traffic, you’re not alone. The professionals of Mr. Dry Cleaner understand that adding an errand can take away hours from your schedule and put a pause on your productivity. Because the Green Family pride themselves on their dedication to customer satisfaction, convenience is a top priority. Mr. Dry Cleaner is proud to offer pick-up and delivery. And unlike other dry cleaning companies in LA, pick-up and delivery is FREE! With free pick-up and delivery, you can cross out “laundry” and tackle other items on your to-do list.

Despite the convenience dry cleaning offers, our environmentally conscious culture causes concern over the consequences of dry cleaning. You won’t have to worry about being involved in the damage to our sensitive environment: A Carriage Regal Cleaner, Mr. Dry Cleaner proudly implements an eco-friendly dry cleaning process that will leave your clothes feeling soft and smelling fresh. Mr. Dry Cleaner is not only committed to you and your family but the environment!

Mr. Dry Cleaner will pick up and deliver your laundry for free when you choose dry cleaning Brentwood.

• Drapes and Curtains
• Wedding Gowns
• Environmental Dry Cleaning
• Free Pick up and Delivery for your dry cleaning Brentwood
• Alterations

Pick Up and Delivery for Free! – You will have a lot more time to take care of the things you love while no longer having to worry about your laundry because we will take care of it. Our workers will come to you to pick up and deliver your laundry!

You are Guaranteed to be Satisfied – At A Carriage Dry Cleaning your satisfaction is our guarantee. Our ancestry has been in the dry cleaning business for over 90 years. Our specialty is dry cleaning Brentwood and offer free pick up and delivery every day of the week.

Simple to Use – With our free pick up and drop off service you will go to the cleaners a lot less. No longer will you have to fret or stress about making it to the cleaners. This will leave you more time to pursue the things you want to do. Our service is simple and straightforward. Not a lot of other cleaners can say that.

Our Dry Cleaning Services in Brentwood:

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