Frequently Asked Questions

“Mr. Drycleaner, can you explain Proposition 65?”

Everyone who goes to a Dry Cleaner needs to understand Prop 65, the Safe Drinking Water & Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. This is the State of California’s Annual List of more than 500 chemicals known to cause Cancer.

Businesses that use any of these chemicals or solvents like some dry cleaners are required to warn their customers and neighbors with postal warnings, and to dispose of these chemicals properly.

A Carriage Regal Cleaner does not fall under the Prop 65 rules. Since we use an environmental solvent for our cleaning systems we are not required to post warnings, etc. All of our dry cleaning waste is hauled away by Veolia Environmental Services. None of our dry cleaning waste plus hangers, plastic bags, and cardboard go the landfills, or risk our water tables.



“Is dry cleaning safe?”

As long as you go to a dry cleaner that uses Hydro carbon, CO2, Silicone or Wet Cleaning, you are using a Environmentally Safe Dry Cleaner. At A Carriage Regal Cleaner/MrDryCleaner, we use 2 of the 4 above. We use DF2000 and Wet Cleaning.



“I don’t really understand the dry cleaning process,  how does it work?”

To better understand the process, please visit our Video page for some informative videos about how dry cleaning works.



“I don’t understand the care labels on some of my clothes. What does it all mean?”

The Federal Trade Commission requires manufacturers to attach a permanent label to textile garments that provides directions for their care. Take a look at the Guide to Care Symbols Chart … and let us know if you still have a question.



“Do you recycle?”

Yes! Through various vendors, we recycle our hangars, plastic bags, paper, cardboard and aluminum cans.

We use Veolia Environmental Services’ fluid recovery service for our dry cleaning filters and liquids so that absolutely no waste ends up in a landfill. Recycling our solvent in no way cuts down on the efficiency of our dry cleaning systems.

The owners of A Carriage Regal Cleaner are active participants in local and national environmental issues. They participated in several research projects, among them the UCLA “Wet Cleaning Project” and the EPA’s “Design for the Environment,” testified for the AQMD, worked in Washington D.C. with the U.S. Senate and Congress, and served on committees for the California Air Resource Board. Steve Green, the President of A Carriage Regal Cleaner has served as a board member of the Los Angeles County Dry Cleaning Association.

If you have specific fabric care questions, ASK MR. DRYCLEANER — He wants to help!


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