A Carriage Regal Cleaner
A Carriage Regal Cleaner
A Carriage Regal Cleaner
A Carriage Regal Cleaner
A Carriage Regal Cleaner
A Carriage Regal Cleaner
A Carriage Regal Cleaner

A Carriage Regal – Best Dry Cleaner, Los Angeles

We love our clothes.  Not only do they help you look good, they make you feel good.  Those favorite pair of jeans you wear like a second skin, the little black dress that always boosts your confidence; the cardigan you wore on your first day of work and transformed you into a professional; the suit that gave you the strength to deliver the best man’s speech at your brother’s wedding—your clothes were there for all the special moments in your life.  Because our clothes carry so much sentimental value, it is not uncommon to feel a bit of a panic when your favorite shirt has a stain, or your preferred slacks have a tear.  Your clothes have been with you for your best moments, so you want to restore and preserve them.  But you can’t trust your clothes with just anyone; and that’s where Mr. Dry Cleaner steps in.

Since 1906, the Green Family has become a leading force in the dry cleaning industry. Dry Cleaner Los Angeles, the family of textile specialists served communities in New York and Detroit before settling in Los Angeles. Today, the Green Family continues their legacy, providing exemplary customer service to clients across Los Angeles.

Mr. Dry Cleaner provides the highest-quality cleaning service, so your beloved garments are in good hands.  And unlike your washer—the main culprit of damaged clothing—Mr. Dry Cleaner’s state-of-the-art equipment will safely clean your garments.  Behind every clean piece of clothing is a Mr. Dry Cleaner professional.  Our professionals are experts in fabrics, fibers, and dyes and consider the composition of each garment before cleaning them.  If your favorite clothes are made from cashmere, silk, or velvet, you can rest easy knowing that we take special care of delicate fabrics.  When you entrust Mr. Dry Cleaner with your clothing, your clothes will look brand new.

Mr. Dry Cleaner team members pride themselves on their caring cleaning service.  But caring cleaning does not only entail caring for clothes and customers but caring for the environment.  Mr. Dry Cleaner takes special measures to implement eco-friendly practices.  As a result, Mr. Dry Cleaner recycles hangers and exclusively uses eco-friendly cleaning products.

Caring for your clothes is a sure fire way to present the best version of you.  Of course, cleaning your clothes is not the only way to care for your clothes.  Mr. Dry Cleaner offers alterations.  Come in and get fitted by our professional tailor.  A proper fit makes all the difference!

Mr. Dry Cleaner strives to offer high-quality convenience and makes other dry cleaning services available.  Who says that clothes are the only thing that can be dry cleaned?  Bring in your rugs, drapes, and bedspreads for a special cleaning!

Mr. Dry Cleaner has over a century of experience providing the best cleaning services and achieving customer satisfaction.  Mr. Dry Cleaner is happy to accommodate you so you can continue to look great in your favorite clothes.  Looking good has never been so easy.

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Ricky J.
5/5 stars

I live right in the Santa Monica and Beverly Hills area, and I need to constantly be looking as clean as possible for my B clients. I am always making trips to Bel Air and they expect cleanliness. It’s a really pricey spot but it’s worth the work they do. They are absolutely magicians with making dirt disappear and returning my clothes cleaner then the day I go it. I would use Carriage Regal Cleaners again!

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